Title and Planning Risk Insurance

A Tittle and Planning Risk Insurance policy can offer protection for costs involved in rectifying both Known and Unknown Title defects. It can be arranged either for a Single Asset, or for a Portfolio of Assets.

This cover is a single premium (one off / non-renewable) insurance policy that guarantees:

  • Good and marketable title
  • Benefit of policy can pass on to a new owner
  • The Policy stays with the Asset indefinitely
  • Security is valid & enforceable
  • Defective title risks are covered
  • Legal Costs in defending litigation
  • Diminution of Market Value of asset
  • Helps complete transactions

On receipt of the Risk particulars, Insurers assess the Probability of a claim –& if a claim does materialise, what the likely cost to defend it would be.

Over the past 12 Months, Crotty have arranged a number of Title Policies giving comfort to Solicitors, Receivers and Financiers in completing sale of assets.