Covid 19 has changed all our lives in ways we could not have imagined just a few short months ago. Some Business are preparing for a return to work and some will have to wait a little while longer before they can reopen.

One of the key Questions which many business owners will have as staff members start the process of returning to work will be:

Are we covered against Employees or Customers contracting Covid 19?

The answer is your Employers Liability and Public Liability Policies will provide this cover in normal circumstances subject always to the normal terms and conditions of the Policy. We have raised this question with a number of Insurers and below is a typical response from an Insurer,


Our Liability policy provides protection for the Insured against their legal liabilities to their employees or the public. This covers property damage, death, bodily injury, illness or disease. Illness or disease is not defined in the policy so could include legal liabilities incurred from COVID-19.

There is no exclusion on the policy specifically relating to COVID-19. The Insured must however follow government guidelines or advice regarding safety at work or travel to and from work. They should continuously follow government advice and obtain further information on the government’s website (

While it is not possible to comment on every circumstance the usual policy exclusions and conditions apply and we would draw attention in particular to the reasonable precautions condition.


For Those Returning to Work on the 18th and in subsequent weeks.

We would recommend that in advance of any return to work that some thought should be given to

  1. Unexpected hazards in restarting plant and equipment or indeed hazards created by intruders, winds dislodging materials and scaffolding structures that require reinspection.
  2. When electrical Plant has suffered a period of redundancy it can be susceptible to electrical short circuits, overheating or other malfunctions which can result in Fires.

Finally remember to obey Policy requirements on all aspects of Security, Fire Prevention and other requirements as these continue to apply regardless of the current situation.

We wanted to share these Tips with our valued Crotty Clients as we know this period has been a challenge for Business, Families and Individuals. Together we are starting to see the Light at the end of the Tunnel and a route back to a better futur