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Contractors & Concessionaires Airside Insurance

When contractors and concessionaires work airside at airports, legal liability may not be covered under the annual insurance policies in force. In addition, the airport operator will not permit work airside without evidencing suitable insurance.

The Crotty Airside Insurance facility is designed to cover a broad range of airside operations, conducted by companies and individuals whose primary base is not at the airport. The facility caters for contractors and concessionaires and offers terms on an annual basis or for only the period whilst airside.

The insurance covers all restricted areas of the airport, including aprons, taxiways, runways, areas beyond passport control, and all other buildings that are not accessible to the general public.

The facility offers the following coverage:

  • Third party motor vehicle property damage liability: Up to €127 million each occurrence.
  • Third party motor vehicle bodily injury liability: Up to €127 million each occurrence.
  • Third party general bodily injury and property damage liability: Up to €127 million each
  • Third party war and terrorism liability: Up to US$50 million each occurrence.
  • Excess Professional Indemnity insurance up to €50m any one claim.

Our Insurance facility is a designed specifically for airport concessionaire’s and contractors. The premium terms are economic with the application process convenient and efficient.

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