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Architects Pi Insurance

The understanding of what constitutes a Professional has changed very little in nearly 200 Years but in tandem with that the Insurance Underwriting landscape will continually cycle through hard and soft markets. It is incumbent on an Architecture practice seeking cover to seek out a provider that can secure continuity of coverage across these often varying market conditions. Crotty Insurance is the right choice for coverage because of our track record of continuous involvement in this specialised area for 25 years and our unrivalled access to a range of markets often not available to our competitors.

The current hard market derives from a poor claims experience across the class of Business. The Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017 was not the cause of this hard market in itself but the huge increase in claim notifications which followed that event certainly suggest that Grenfell was the catalyst which lit the touchpaper on what was already a market that was low on capacity. If this event proves anything it shows the absolute importance of placing your risk in a pool that has the capacity to trade through catastrophic events. Like those practices that found themselves post Grenfell having to re-appraise prior completed projects, and notify claims, there is comfort in knowing that your covers are placed in A rated markets which provide security for past events and the comfort of knowing you have continuity of coverage into the future.

We have been working with Underwriters who are committed to this market for 25 years. Our Underwriters understand the Irish Market and the nuances of how it differs from the UK.

We take pride in our ability to provide technical advice around bespoke policy wording and cover to meet the needs of Architects – our policies include: innocent non-disclosure, breach of contract, civil/legal liability (not limited to negligence), defence costs in addition, PSCS and Assigned Certifier.

It is our experience that the best preparation for a successful renewal of coverage is going to the market early. The longer we have your details the more effective the Marketing of your risk which will result in the best outcome for your Practice.

Why Crotty Insurances?

  1. Competitive Prices for Architect’s PII
  2. Market leading wording
  3. Financial Stability of “A”-Rated insurers
  4. Capacity to provide limits from €325k up to €50M
  5. First-class Before and After Service – Talk to us today
  6. Fast Lane: 24-hour turnaround (depending on risk complexity)
  7. Finance options available to spread the cost over 10 months (additional charges apply)
  8. Technical expertise to deal with any contract and/or collateral warranty queries
  9. Continuity of Coverage and Capacity through all market conditions

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